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Horde Yakka - Australian Based World of Wacraft Guild, Jubei'Thos

We are an adult guild playing on Horde side Jubei'Thos.  The guild has a strong casual / social scene as well as a 10-man raid group with merit / PVE progress based admission.  Players who live outside of Australia are welcome to apply.

New Members

You can apply for one of two things when signing up on this site, please make clear in your application which one you intend:

1) Horde Yakka - Guild Invite.
If you are applying for a guild invite spend a little time on the application as well as reading this page and the Guild Charter.  We accept both social and raiding applications.  Players who are not interested in raiding are welcome to skip the application questions related specifically to raiding.

2) Friends of Yakka - Forum Access.
There are many people who are not in HY that run instances with us.  Those players are welcome to sign up on the site for access to our DKP and raid signups.

When applying:
  • Take the time to read the Horde Yakka Guild Charter.  Friends of Yakka are also expected to keep it in mind when raiding with us.
  • If you don't already have one, you need to create a Guild Portal account above and log in with it.  Your account name needs to match your main character's name.  If that name is already taken please append a number to the end.
  • If you are logged in with your Guild Portal username and password please complete the guild application form linked at the top of the page (ie. Click the "-> Join Horde Yakka <-" text).  If you are not logged in with your Guild Portal username and password you will not be able to see the link.
  • Please understand that being in the guild does not give automatic raiding rights and many of our classes are full for high end raiding at the moment.
  • You need to check our raid times, especially if you are not located in Australia, and make sure that they are compatible with your daily schedule.  Even if you do not intend to raid most of Horde Yakka log on around those times. Our raid hours are very difficult to make for many countries, especially America.  Applicants who do not take the time to clearly answer the Time Zone question on their application are usually not considered.
  • Players applying to join Horde Yakka who wish to raid need to be prepared to spec for PVE.
Other Guild News

Looking for DPS for your raid? Most start from the top of the list, I like to come in from the rear.

Shdwbrn, Aug 7, 13 10:35 PM.

First raid in 5.0

Shdwbrn, Oct 6, 12 8:19 AM.

Firelands achievement done!

*Lilithia*, Mar 5, 12 6:42 AM.

Bye Bye Mr Deathwing ...

*Lilithia*, Jan 5, 12 5:46 AM.

Lil's Legendary!!!

*Lilithia*, Dec 22, 11 8:22 AM.

His & Hers..... Wipe and me are totally twins now!!!!

*Lilithia*, Nov 27, 11 7:33 AM.

Lilitha - Blessed Defender of Nordrassil

Anyia3, Aug 24, 11 9:05 AM.

An image says more than a thousand words, they say... Lilitha is one step closer to obtaining her legendary!

Ragnaros 1 shot! Nice work all.

Bulthar, Aug 24, 11 1:26 AM.

After getting ourselves determined to get him down we logged in Monday night and BAM, one shot!  Thanks all for sticking with the frustration of getting through phase 3.

Grats Forest on your bright flaming bird thing!

Bulthar, Aug 3, 11 9:27 PM.

Hi I'm Forest, is it ok to carry a knife around for protection?

*Insert Epic Music!"

Bulthar, Jul 29, 11 3:57 AM.

Why hello!

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